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The National Organization for Albinism & Hypopigmentation

NOAH's Parent Page

NOAH's Education IEP Page
Parent of a child with Albinism
This site has been created by a parent of a child with Albinism. 
The website is full of imformation relating to Albinism, as well as documenting a parents journey though
their child's early childhood development, early intervention, and trasition to the school district.
This site provides information regarding the ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) in Texas for children
0-3 years old.  Here you will find information about services and eligibility for children who are visually
impaired.  You can also find information relating to DARS-DBS (The Department of Assistive &
Rehabilitative Services-Dept. Blind Services).  DARS not only oversees the ECI program in Texas,
it also has a seperate department for persons who are blind and visually impaired.  DARS-DBS provides
an array of services from advocating for your child in an ARD meeting with the school district to help purchasing 
glasses to informing you of community events for persons who are blind/visually impaired.  They service 
all ages; each individual must be qualified throuhg a DARS case worker.  You can also find out information
regarding SSI for your child.
The Oregon Project
This site provides an electronic version of the Oregon Project, which is a developmental check list for
children who are visually impaired 0-6 years old.  It is not the only program used by TVI's however it is
one that is used often.  It covers all areas of development: Cognitive, Language,
Socialization, Vision, Compensatory, Self Help, Fine Motor, and Gross Motor.
UH College of Optometry-Center for Sight Enhancement
The Center for Sight Enhancement (CSE) provides multidisciplinary service, training and resources in low
vision rehabilitation to help people of all ages with vision loss lead independent and productive lives.
With cutting-edge technology and a nationally renowned faculty, we provide excellence in care and compassion.
Family Connect
This is a great site with lots of resources for raising your child who is visually impaired.  This site has some
sister sites as well which has been listed here as well.
Other Sites
Here are some other sites you may find useful both in research and resources.
Hadley School for the blind
Here you can also find an archived webinar on "All About Albinism"
Sun Protection Sites
Other Helpful Documents (see attachments at the bottom of the page)
Preschool and Visual Impairements (pdf)
Teaching a child with Albinism to read (pdf)
It is important to recognize that NOAH and any related chapters do not endorse or guarantee the information listed on these sites. 
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